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New York’s real estate rules and regulations can be difficult to keep up with. As a broker, you rely on your ability to collect your commission and protect yourself from fines or penalties. Trusted legal guidance can help you stay in compliance and even help you implement best practices that will give you an advantage in this competitive market.

At Landy Wolf PLLC, our attorneys bring over 80 years of combined legal experience to the table. We understand our clients’ needs in this area and have the depth of knowledge you expect from your legal team. In fact, we work to exceed our clients’ expectations whenever possible. We represent a wide range of brokers, from Fortune 500 investment property sales firms and brokerage companies to independent residential brokers.

Protecting The Commission You Earned

Unfortunately, one of the most common legal disputes New York brokers find themselves in is their right to collect their commission. When you find your client a buyer or tenant willing to satisfy your client’s conditions for buying or leasing their property, you may presume you have satisfied the terms of your contract. Too often, however, clients will fight those terms and refuse to pay.

At Landy Wolf PLLC, we have experience successfully resolving these disputes for our clients. We can provide guidance and interpretation of your contract, including whether tail provisions may apply to your situation. We understand the importance of an efficient, cost-effective solution for you.

We can also provide general business advice to your practice, helping you stay in compliance with New York laws and drafting strong contracts for your services. These steps are important in preventing situations that require litigation. We are available to assist with every aspect of your business.

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